Bidet, anyone?

bidet toilet

The newest trend in self care without replacing an existing toilet

If you’re like us, we spend way too much time on social media checking out trends…One thing that we’ve noticed is an uptick in posts about daily life in other countries (and surprise) bidets come up quite often. 

Maybe it’s the exotic lure of European culture or Japanese efficiency and cleanliness. What’s fascinating about the inclusion of bidets in so many cultures across the world  is that the reasons range from religious belief to toilet paper shortages. But most agree that the top reason for having a bidet is that it’s just cleaner! 

Anatomy of a bidet:

Bidets are an add on that you can attach to most any toilet if you don’t want to replace an existing toilet. They attach to the water supply or tank. They can be electric or manual, hand held or stationary. The possibilities are truly endless. Most often you can control the direction of the spray and water pressure. Unfortunately not many have a temperature control (it can be a little chilly), but it’s still refreshing. 

In some high-end luxury toilets, bidets are standard features and do have temperature control (something to consider). 

Of course, you can install a bidet toilet next to your traditional toilet if you have the space.  It does require additional plumbing, but that is what we are here for!

High cost/High luxe?

A true stand alone bidet is going to cost anywhere from $500 – $1,500 plus the installation cost from your local plumbing company.  However,  if you add an extension to your existing toilet, bidets can range from under $100 to a few hundred dollars. Surprisingly, they aren’t an expensive item to purchase.When it comes to a luxurious self care item, they tend to be in the more affordable range. Compare this to the average yearly cost of high-end skin care products and it seems downright sinful.

How long will my bidet last?

A bidet can last up to 10 years depending on the model you get and the care you give it. According to several sources around the web, the most common issues with a short life span come from improper maintenance and plumbing issues.

I have a high traffic bathroom, is it really THAT clean?

This is an excellent question and can be answered in a multitude of ways for and against. A bidet is considered a personal care attachment and is subject to the same cleanliness standards that any toilet would enjoy. It is important to choose a model of bidet that either has a retractable nozzle, or is made of an antimicrobial material. 

That being said, a bidet cleaned regularly and with care will be just as clean with a multi user bathroom as with single use.


A bidet is an affordable and hygienic bit of luxury that most any household can enjoy. If you need help choosing a good brand or are curious about the installation of your new bidet, give us a call! We always offer free consultations and are happy to help you upgrade your throne.

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