Lead Pipe Replacement

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Were you aware that the typical household contains a network of pipes spanning 300 to 500 feet? That’s a considerable distance for water to traverse. With over three decades of experience repiping homes throughout Sanford, Florida, we understand the key factors for maintaining seamless flow: preventing pipe leaks, avoiding low water pressure issues, and instilling 1000% confidence in homeowners regarding the integrity of what lies behind their walls and beneath their floors.

Here are the 4 common reasons why homeowners hire Gomez Plumbing Inc when they need a re-pipe specialist

A pinhole pipe leak is a minute leak in a pipe, resembling the size of a pinhole. This specific type of leak is typically observed in copper pipes and can manifest anywhere within your home. Pinhole leaks may appear individually, in clusters, or along the length of a pipe.

Various factors can contribute to the occurrence of pinhole leaks. In some instances, these leaks in your pipes may result from a combination of multiple causes.

Dealing with shampoo rinsing under a trickle from the shower-head or enduring a lengthy wait for a bathtub to fill up can be incredibly frustrating.

When low water pressure affects your entire home, tasks such as washing dishes, doing laundry, and even personal hygiene can take much longer.

Various factors can contribute to diminished water pressure in your home. It might be a partially closed pressure regulator or water meter valve. Additionally, clogged piping, especially in the case of galvanized pipes, can be a culprit. Internal corrosion and buildup in pipes can restrict water flow.

To address the restricted flow, some homeowners or plumbers might increase the entry water pressure at the pressure regulator. However, this can potentially lead to the development of leaks, transforming what was initially a mere inconvenience into a source of costly damage.

  • Elevated levels of chlorine in your tap water
  • Corrosion in the hot water heater
  • Alkaline water pH (indicating acidity),
  • Presence of microbes (bacteria) in the water or soil.

Corroded pipes (seen above) pose a common challenge for homeowners. The frequent turning on and off of faucets, leading to fluctuating pressure within the pipes, can dislodge rust, causing discolored water to flow through the water supply line into sinks, bathtubs, showers, and the laundry room.

Galvanized pipes are significant contributors to the distribution of rust-colored water. In many instances, this issue is systemic and affects the entire plumbing system within a home.

In certain neighborhoods, many of our clients are well-acquainted with the term ‘repipe’ through anecdotes from friends and neighbors who have already undergone the process, even if they haven’t personally encountered any repipe-related issues in their own homes.

It’s a common occurrence for homes in the same vicinity to share similar piping, leading to clusters of failures across multiple neighboring residences within a relatively short timeframe.

When aging or substandard pipes fail, resulting in leaks, the resulting damage can be significantly more costly than opting for a repipe. This is especially true if the leak occurs when the house is unoccupied or if it’s a slow leak that causes substantial damage before being detected, a scenario often necessitating expensive mold remediation.

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There are even more reasons to be concerned about lead and copper pipes. 

Sanford, Florida, is a beautiful town filled with well-maintained homes. However, even the most careful homeowner can face plumbing issues over time, particularly concerning lead pipes. Lead pipes were a widespread plumbing choice for homes built before the 1980s due to their durability, flexibility, and low cost. Unfortunately, lead ingestion can lead to serious health issues, especially for children and pregnant women. Residents of Sanford should regularly check their pipes and replace them with safer options like copper pipes.

Gomez Plumbing Inc is a well-known plumbing company operating in Sanford, Florida, for over 38 years. Our team of experienced plumbers provides homeowners with affordable, yet high-quality plumbing services to repair or replace their pipes. Although the availability of lead pipes is easy, our plumbing re-pipe specialists provide our clients with safer piping options like plastic pipes.

Plastic piping like PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, offers many benefits for homeowners. PEX is more durable and safer compared to other piping materials. PEX piping is also cheaper and easier to install than copper pipes, allowing for faster and more affordable repairs or replacements.

Gomez Plumbing Inc. provides our customers with thorough evaluations of their plumbing systems and evaluates your need for a plumbing re-pipe. Our skilled plumbing team has extensive knowledge and expertise in handling plastic piping installations. We keep up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques to provide top-notch plumbing services.

It’s important for Sanford residents to be aware of the potential dangers of lead pipes and replace them as soon as possible. Fortunately, Gomez Plumbing Inc offers a safer and more affordable option with PEX piping. Call our expert team today for a thorough evaluation of your plumbing system and learn how they can help you make a positive change while also keeping your home’s plumbing system safe and efficient.