10 Reasons to Hire a Local Plumbing Company When Working on a DIY Remodel

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Call Your Local Plumbing Company When Embarking on a DIY Home Remodel!

Invite a local plumbing company to assist with your DIY home remodel or risk potentially unavoidable expenses.

Are you trying to DIY a remodeling project without a local plumbing company?  It’s possible you’ve read the instructions and talked extensively to your salesperson at Home Depot and you have watched dozens of YouTube “how to DIY a home remodel” videos…you are armed and ready! Or are you? 

Remodeling plumbing can be sneakily complicated if you aren’t prepared. Ever heard of the story “If you give a mouse a cookie”? A small thing turns into a very big thing quickly if not done correctly. Not only that, a plumbing mistake can spread to your subfloor, drywall and many other places you might not expect. 

Here are 10 mistakes that can leave you needing a reliable and local plumbing company.

  1. Insufficient Preparation:

Just like prepping a wall before painting, making sure you are prepared for your plumbing project by turning off the water before taking pipes apart is very important. Do you have all the tools, bonding agents, and know the exact sequence to complete your plumbing project?  If not, you will likely cause a much bigger problem than was there before you started.

  1. Inadequate Knowledge:

Sometimes, we get overconfident. It can’t be that hard, you see all the pipes and can generally figure out what they all do. You may think you can reverse-engineer what you currently see.  What you might not know is the repercussions of what happens in other parts of your plumbing that are connected to the problem you want to fix. Not being prepared with a total overview of your home’s plumbing system nor having the knowledge to address the totality of your fix might lead to big issues. 

  1. Using Incorrect Tools:

As most of us know, all tools have a purpose (sometimes many), but not all tools are good for the job you want them for. Using incorrect tools is not only frustrating, they can ruin pipes and fixtures. Plumbing tools can get pretty specific and sometimes expensive. If you ruin your pipes, fixtures, and fittings, you will spend a lot of money trying to correct the damage.

  1. Overtightening Fittings:

Over-tightening fittings is a common error that can result in leaks or damaged pipes. It’s important to achieve a secure connection without applying excessive force. Use a wrench or pliers to tighten fittings snugly but avoid over-tightening, as this can deform or crack the fittings, causing leaks.

  1. Inaccurate Pipe Cutting:

Improperly cut pipes can lead to leaks, improper fits, or difficulties in assembly. Round objects are notoriously difficult to cut correctly. Not only will you be making lots of trips to the hardware store, but you will also get a bad fit and lots of leaking. Better leave that to the professionals – trust us, you want to hire a local plumbing company!

  1. Neglecting Pipe Slope:

If you are brave enough to get into drainage and sewer pipes, maintaining the correct slope is crucial. Failing to achieve the required slope can result in standing water, blockages, and other drainage issues that can cause very serious issues that might include having to deal with sewage.  No one wants that.  And if you end up hiring a local plumbing company after you have caused damage, the cost to correct your error will be double the cost (if not more) than if you had hired the plumbing contractor in the first place.  

  1. Ignoring Plumbing Codes:

Disregarding local plumbing codes and regulations can have serious consequences. Plumbing projects must comply with these codes to ensure safety and legality. Ignoring or neglecting to obtain necessary permits can lead to fines, legal complications, or issues when selling your property. This is one of those issues that can be a sleeper…meaning you may have done the job correctly but failed to do it completely to code. These things are eventually revealed will create future headaches.  DIYer beware!

  1. Mishandling Chemicals:

Plumbing projects sometimes involve the use of chemicals such as drain cleaners or pipe joint compounds. Mishandling these substances can be hazardous to your health and damaging to the plumbing system. Further, they can be incredibly toxic or poisonous to small children and animals in your home. You might expose those you love to poisons without even being aware you are doing so.

  1. Inadequate Pipe Insulation:

Anyone who lives in snow country probably has more than one horror story about freezing pipes. Not only can frozen pipes burst, you also won’t have working plumbing if they freeze. Knowing which pipes need insulation is something you don’t want to mess with.

  1. Not Knowing When to Seek Professional Help:

While DIY home remodeling projects can be rewarding, there are times when it’s best to call a professional and local plumbing company. Complex installations, extensive repairs, or projects involving the main water supply or sewer line may require specialized knowledge and equipment. Recognizing your limitations and calling for help will save you time, money and headaches!

There are so many things in a home that you can DIY, even plumbing sometimes (depending on your knowledge and bravery), however, the consequences of getting it wrong can be huge – and that’s why we’re here to dissuade you when you get the DIY itch. 

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