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The Golden Throne: Luxury Toilets, Yay or Nay?

Who doesn’t want a private oasis that includes jetted tubs and dual shower heads. We never say no to a well-lit vanity or double sinks (who wants to share anyway?).

But do we skimp when it comes to our toilet? Well, that could be debated, right? Let’s go through some practical tips about what to look for in a luxe toilet and whether the bang is worth the buck.

Will a luxury toilet add to my home value?

This is a good question! Because home ownership is the keystone to building wealth in today’s society, we want to make sure that any upgrades we purchase will increase the value of our asset. Seems simple, but how do you know WHICH ones will create ROI? 

According to several sources, a high end upgrade (like a luxe toilet) only adds value if it is consistent with the rest of your home’s upgrades. So the answer is yes AND no. It depends on your home and aesthetic. If you have 1960’s shag carpet in the family room, the master bedroom suite will seem odd in comparison. It’s all about the total vibe. 

Will my luxury toilet last as long as a traditional one?

Most traditional toilets last for about 25 years. The theory here is that good, simple construction will create something that lasts and lasts, but it might also be incongruent with the experience you want to have. I mean, who doesn’t want a heated seat with hands free flushing?

As with any fixture, the more working parts, the more repairs over time. If you have a toilet with a nightlight, bidet, heated seat and touchless flushing, chances are that it won’t quite  last 25 years. Check the manufacturer’s warranty to see how long each component is warranted for. That should give you an idea of the lifespan of the toilet. As a rule, most electronic components are only warranted for up to 5 years, whereas shell components might be warranted for longer. Read carefully and check in with your local plumber who will be installing your new toilet!

On the whole, however, a well made commode will last a long time…maybe just not quite as long as those old American Standard toilets.

How much does a luxury toilet cost?

High-End toilets can range from about 800 ish dollars to over 9000 dollars. It really depends on the brand and features you would like to have. We suggest picking out a few you like and running them by your plumbing contractor beforehand. You want to make sure that the one you want is compatible with your plumbing set up and isn’t going to require a second mortgage to install. 

What kind of features can I get with my luxury toilet?

The possibilities are almost endless! Everything from a heated seat to a night light that lives in the toilet bowl. Take a look around the internet and see what’s available out there. Don’t forget to read reviews as well! As with any installation, you can always call us for an opinion. We want to make sure that you are getting the best quality for your spend. 


So now you have a better idea about luxury toilets. Only you can say if getting one is right for your home, but we can say with certainty that if you do decide to go luxe, be prepared to fight to the death for time in the loo! 

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