Water Pipe Installation and Repair

As a homeowner, you may not think much about your water pipes until something goes wrong. Suddenly, you have a leak behind the wall or under the slab, and you’re left wondering what to do next.  Or you have decided to remodel and don’t have the tools or knowledge to install new water pipes. Don’t panic; we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss water pipe installation and repair services for residential properties.

Water Pipe Installation

There are three main reasons for needing water pipe installation or repair services.

The first is a leak, as we mentioned earlier.  The second is a home renovation, and the third is a custom home build, or home addition project.

If you’re building a new home or adding an addition, you’ll need to have new water pipes installed and that is typically performed by a plumbing sub-contractor who is hired by the home-builder or general contractor unless you are operating as an owner-builder in which case you can hire any licensed plumber.  

Your plumber will assess your needs and determine the best materials for the job. Typically, copper, PVC, and PEX are used for residential water pipes. Copper pipes are durable and long-lasting, but they can be expensive. PVC pipes are affordable and easy to install, but they are not as durable as copper. PEX pipes have become more popular over the last 15 years or so, due to their flexibility and resistance to freezing.

Your plumber will also consider the location of the water pipes. The pipes should be located in a place that is easily accessible for maintenance and repair. They should also be properly insulated to prevent freezing in the winter, which isn’t a common occurrence in Sanford, Florida, so we don’t have to worry about that too much.

Water Pipe Repair

If you’ve discovered a leak in your water pipes, don’t wait to take action. Leaks can cause extensive damage to your home and can lead to mold growth. It’s important to hire a professional plumber right away to assess the damage through leak detection services and make the necessary repairs.

There are two main types of water pipe repair: behind-the-wall and under-the-slab. Behind-the-wall repairs involve removing the drywall to access the damaged area. Under-the-slab water leak repairs involve digging a trench to access the damaged area. Both types of repairs can be time-consuming and expensive, but they are necessary to prevent further damage.

If you have had a leak, and have purchased a homeowner’s insurance policy, you may be covered for the costs of water damage. Be sure to check your policy and speak with your insurance agent to understand your coverage. Depending on your policy, you may be able to recover losses due to a flood.

Recovering Losses due to a Flood

Flood damage can be devastating to your home and property. If you have suffered losses due to a flood, you may be able to recover some of those losses through your homeowner’s insurance policy.

If you do have flood insurance, be sure to document the damage to your property. Take photos and video of the affected areas and make a list of any damaged items. Be sure to save all receipts and invoices for repairs and replacements.

Water pipe installation and repair for residential properties can be complex and time-consuming. It’s always best to hire a licensed plumber to ensure that the job is done right.  When calling a plumber for a water installation or repair service, be sure to let the plumber know if you require installation due to a leak, a home renovation, or because you are building a custom home.

Hiring a Licensed Plumber

Regardless of the reason for needing new water pipes, it is imperative you hire a licensed and reputable plumber to perform the services.  Gomez Plumbing Inc has been helping homeowners throughout Seminole County for over 38 years and would be honored to be invited to your home to prepare a competitive quote and earn your business.  Contact us today for a free estimate!

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